A mid-sized settlement nort-west of Argo. It features stone buildings. It also contains a forge and camp fire.

All intact buildings contain loot-points. And several enemies are able to spawn, preferably tortured skelettons.

Town of Tilian

Town of Tilain. The burning Camp fire is build by me to show the building with the forge.

Forge Tilian

The forge inside Tilian.

How to find:

First follow the coastline to the west. (The Sea to the left). Than after the last spawn area look out for the rockformation from the screenshoot. From the firstrock look to the east and try to locate a tall rockbuilder between the trees. From that rock look at the second screen. Move towards the direction I´m facing (east).

You should run into Tilian.

Waypoint 1 Tilian

First waypoint to Tilian.

Waypoint 2 Tilian

Second waypoint to Tilian.

To second Waypoint Tilian

To the second Waypoint.