When you start the game, you will spawn in at one of the few spawn points - which are all positioned along the southern shoreline.

At these spawn points you can expect to find several items to start your game: Stones, Flint, Sticks, Wood Logs, and Frost Fern.

On your first time spawning in, you will also find your beginner items on the floor as of Update #2.

These items are as follows: Basic Clothing, Tattered Bag (with contents: 3x Cured Meat, 2x Red Apple, 2x Tree Nuts), a Crude Hatchet, and 12 Cloth Shreds.

Take note that playing together with friends, you may not spawn at the same location on the shoreline. To make your game as comfortable as possible when trying to meet each other, you should agree to travel with the water on your left or right - and if either of you stumble across a beach with a far receding shoreline, then you should both turn around and travel the other way (as the receding shorelines become increasingly common toward the northern shores,) as you will want to remain on the southern shoreline while grouping up.