At the current state of the game (Version 0.2.8) there are several locations of interest on the Sundered Isle.

Spawn Edit

4 Spawn points exists.

Dragon Towers Edit

Savage Island count 3 dragon towers.These high and fortified towers serve as pedestals for the dragon. They are good landmarks. 1 is near Argo at the starting area. A fast but dangerous way to find them is to follow the dragon (but you will encounter dangerous creatures like pack of wolves, Forest Giants or Undead Furys)

Argo Dragon tower

The Dragon Tower near Argo (Wooden shack for scale)

Towns Edit

Argo Edit



A small dragon ravaged village near the starting spawn areas. Of the decimated buildings two still stand functional for your refuge. Now the dead walk the lanes and there is limited safety to be had. Contains a rare working forge, camp fire sites and several starter equipment spawn locations.

Tilian''' (or Town of Tilian)* Edit

A large town away from the starting area. It features stone builings. Several spawn for enemies but also many loot. Contains a forge and camp fires.

source of the name: [Signal Studios] Euryidium

Ruins of Amahn (Third town) Edit

A nameless town of destroyed wooded buildings. It was a larger town than Argo, and has many enemy spawn locations. It can be found by travelling up the coast in a counter clockwise direction.

There is no functional forge here.

Vek (Fourth Town) Edit

A square town with many forges

Other points of interest: Edit

Leantos and decayed stonehuts Edit

There are buildings (leantos and decayed stonehuts) near the beach around the starting area. All of them have a loot point.

Watchtowers Edit



Watchtowers can be found around the island. They often have a bonefire at their site and spawnpoints for rocks and bones.

Ruins Edit

These ruins looks like old castle or manors.

Monoliths Edit

Rock columns Edit

Rock column

Rock column